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Activities at Christ Church


Advent Project

We are going to collect gift cards for Grace Connection that will go to families in need for Christmas. The Advent tree will be in the back of the church by next week. The gift cards should be for:
Dollar General
Family Dollar
Label Shopper
The cards must be brought to the church by Sunday, December 5.
As checks & balances for donations, Grace Connection requires the families to provide receipts for their purchases.

You can return the purchased cards to Amy in the office (Tues. --> Thursday)
Place it in the collection plate at the back of the church.

Prayer Blanket
A new ministry for us
Prayer Shawls for those in special need of our thoughts and prayers

Prayer Shawl Ministry
The prayer shawl ministry is a ministry of service by knitters/crocheters to offer comfort to anyone who has a spiritual/physical need.
As they are offered from the praying hands of the maker, they are passed on to our Christ Church Community of praying hearts to bless and commission them for distribution.
We encourage you to request one on behalf of one another or for yourself to be cradled in hope, kept in joy, grounded in peace, and wrapped in love.
Please notify the office as you need. We will offer them as available.

Our Welcome Coffee Hour for Deacon Sentigar

Thank you Miss Virginia!

Next set of Main St. Windows being removed


Altar windows being reinstalled

Two Altar windows being removed

The first set of four windows were reinstalled the week of August 31st

Work has started on the window restoration project

The new flooring in the Parish Hall area

Last Updated 11/16/2021