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Christ Church building is a fine example of Gothic architecture. It is built of native white conglomerate stone quarried on Stone Mountain, Bradford County. The outside dimensions are 127x50 feet. From the base to the top of the cross on the spire is 150 feet.

Mercur Rose Window
Mercur Rose Window

The rose window represents Christ the King on the Throne of Judgment, and the three lancets are Moses with the tablets of the Law, St. Michael expelling Lucifer, and Solomon carrying his Temple in his hands. This window was donated to our church in loving memory of Ulysses Mercur, a Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It was made in England by Cox and Sons, and was shipped to the church when construction was completed in 1889.

Johnson & Son tracker Organ
Johnson & Son Organ

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Here are some other historical accounts of the church.
Hipple/Montanye Summary
1998 BRIEF History
2002 Property Report
David Fortney's Window Descriptions

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Moving into the 21st Century

Presently, Christ Church parish family is a blessed, loving and welcoming community. We strive to be committed to God in prayer, studying of the Holy Bible, partaking of the Holy Eucharist and sharing God's love. His Holy Word, and our communion with Him, gives us His joy and compassion. This enables us to live and bring encouragement, support and love to one another, the community, our diocese and all others in the world. We feel blessed that our forbearers have preserved and given us this beautiful church building, and have passed down their faith in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to us! We hope to continue this ministry for Jesus.

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