Christ Church Towanda

Our Mission at Christ Church

Evangelism Statement

"Loving God and others through Christ"


The Rev. Canon AtLee Hipple, The Rev. Larry Holman & The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, Bishop

The Rev. Canon Maureen AtLee Hipple, Rector


Mother Mo and Deacon Larry
Mother Mo and Amy
Our Secretary, Amy McDonald and Mother Mo

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Adm. of Acolytes - The Rev. Larry Holman
Altar Guild President - Ginnie Schoonover
Bell Ringer - Hilary Haight
Card Ministry - Marg Shaner, Doris Lewis, Marg Shaner
Choir Director - Marie Hvezda
Clerk of Vestry - Ginnie Schoonover
Coffee Hour Coordinator - Marg Shaner
Communications - Larry Gehring
Deacon - The Rev. Larry Holman
Counters Ministry – Marie Hvezda
Florist – David's Florist & More
Flower Ministry - Marg Shaner
Grace Connection Rep. - Mother Mo, Lee Baker, Marguerite Shaner
Junior Warden - Larry Gehring
Kitchen Angels - Connie Burruss
Lay Eucharistic Minister Coordinator - David Farr
Memorials - Doris Lewis
Nativity Chapel Altar Guild - Sharon Brutzman
Organist - Shirley Moyer
Parish Administrator- Amy McDonald
Rector - The Rev. Canon Maureen AtLee Hipple
Senior Warden - Virginia Schoonover
Sexton - Ashley & Amy
Sunday School Superintendent - Maurine Gehring
Treasurer - Gene Weisbrod
Wonder Group Treasurer – Doris Lewis
Verger & Webmaster- Larry Gehring

2020 Church Vestry
Senior Class
Larry Gehring
David Farr
Hillary Haight
Middle Class
Connie Burrus
Debbie Weisbrod
Cindy Williams
Junior Class
L. J. Lundy
Mark Vail
John Schoonover
Clerk Of Vestry - Ginnie Schoonover
Treasurer - Gene Weisbrod
Senior Warden - Virginia Schoonover
Junior Warden - Larry Gehring

Card Ministry Info

Donna, Rita, Marg and Doris are helping out with our card ministry. This helps everyone feel remembered, prayed for and loved. If you know of anyone who is in need, let one of these ladies know or contact Mother Mo at 265-5035.

Annual Reports
The Annual Reports from the Annual Parish Meeting can be found here:
2014 Report

Altar Guild

March 01 Cindy Williams & Dr. Kippy Vail
March 08 Ginnie & Susanne Schoonover
March 15 Dave & Melba Vanderlyke
March 22 Marg Shaner & Karen Ugliuzza
March 29 Melina Lundy & Hilary Haight
April 05 Cindy Williams & Dr. Kippy Vail

March 01 The Farr family
March 08 Ken & Marguerite Shaner
March 15 Lois Block & Lee Baker
March 22 The Hoffman Family
March 29 The Beth Schulze Family
April 05 ...
Lectors, there are links to the Lessons - click on your name.
March 01 Beth Schulze
March 08 Larry Gehring
March 15 Johnny Schoonover
March 22 Marg Shaner
March 29 Mark Vail
April 05 Beth Schulze
April 12 David Farr
April 19 Phillip Woodring
April 26 Johnny Schoonover
May 03 Marguerite Shaner
May 10 Beth Shaner
May 17 Mark Vail
May 24 Larry Gehring
May 31 Johnny Schoonover
June 07 Beth Schulze
June 14 David Farr
June 21 Mark Vail
June 28 Johnny Schoonover
The duties of Torch & Book Bearers, Crucifers, etc. can be found here:
Torch Bearer(s)
March 01 Johnny & Justin Schoonover
March 08 Polina Goncharova
March 15 Katrina Roof
March 22 Johnny & Justin Schoonover
March 29 Polina Goncharova
April 05 Katrina Roof
March 01 John Schoonover
March 08 Craig Dawsey
March 15 Larry Gehring
March 22 John Schoonover
March 29 Craig Dawsey
April 05 Larry Gehring
Chalice Bearer
March 01 Ginnie Schoonover & Lee Baker
March 08 Larry Gehring
March 15 David Farr
March 22 Ginnie Schoonover
March 29 David Farr
April 05 Larry Gehring
March 01 Ginnie Schoonover
March 08 Larry Gehring
March 15 David Farr
March 22 Ginnie Schoonover
March 29 David Farr
April 05 Larry Gehring
Prayers of the People
March 1 David Farr
March 8 Larry Gehring
March 15 Larry Gehring
March 22 David Farr
March 29 Connie Burruss
Offering Counters
March Marie Hvezda & TBD
April John Schoonover & Mark Vail

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