Christ Church Towanda

Prayer List

Please call Prayer Chain Requests to Amy at the Church Office

For the Church:
Michael, our Presiding Bishop, and Kevin, our bishop, Melinda, Wanda, & Betsy, and all bishops, priests, and deacons

In our Nation Please Pray for:
President Biden, Vice-President Harris, members of Congress, Governor Shapiro, our county commissioners, local government officials, law enforcement, all military personnel, volunteers, workers & civilians.

Prayer for our Troops:
Lord, hold our troops: Stacy, Jordan, Jarod in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families, for the selfless things they perform in our time of need.

In our Parish and the World:

Susie, Tom, Connie, Barbara, Marian, Michelle, Harold, Bill, Ken, Ken, Frank, Larry, Nancy, Brian, Tom A., Bill W., Kelly, Everly, Steven & Michelle, Ellen, Joe, Donna, Rosalee & Keith, Dean, Mary Jean, Connie & Cotton, Bethany, Betty, Doug W., Deborah M., Matthew and for those throughout the world who are suffering from heat and storms, and the ravages of war.


Faithful Departed:


Last Updated 11/29/2023